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My Blog posts in Chinese

My Blog posts in Chinese

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Courtesy of Ring www.cnblogs.com/ring1981 some of my blog posts are now available in Chinese.  Thank you much Ring for taking the time to translate...

Unfortunately I can't read them, really wish I could but learning Chinese makes debugging seem like childs play:)

Joi gin :)

  • for what it's worth: it is a summary rather than a translation. The original post is way more descriptive and comprehensive and the Chinese entry is a summary that should prompt the Chinese reader to read the original entry. cheers Mark W
  • Even though I understand Chinese, I prefer yr original post in case something got lost. At any rate, how do you translate Garbage Collector in Chinese ? :-)

  • :) I have not the slightest clue

  • I think Mark W is the right guy, give a summary in chinese is more useful than translate it to chinese.

  • Garbage Collection is translated in Chinese as


    see link below:



  • Although Chinese is my mother tongue, but I would try to read the English as much as I can.

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