Swedish .NET Debugging PodCast

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Swedish .NET Debugging PodCast

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I know most of you probably don't know Swedish, but for those of you who do, here is a link to a podcast http://buzzfrog.blogs.com/zabrak/2007/04/av_91_tes... where Dag König is interviewing me about .NET issues and debugging. 



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  • where can I learn Swedish?

  • I assume you are swedish? Or do you just have a mastery of multiple European languages?

  • :) I'm actually really interested in languages, both natural and formal languages because I hate not understanding


    I'm half swedish, half spanish, and have lived for an extended period of time in the states so I would say I'm pretty comfortable communicating in swedish, spanish and english.

    I studied german and french for six years in school and understand them pretty well, but I wouldn't dare butchering the beautiful french language by trying to speak it, and I recently had a pretty amusing experience when trying to read a french book that one of my friends gave me.

    The book was called acide sulfurique and turned out to be about a tv reality show, but because I didn't understand the subtleties of the language and the slang, I went through half the book thinking it was about a prisoners camp:) although I'm not sure if that says more about my

    french or about reality shows:)

    I also had plenty of "lost in translation" experiences when moving to the states. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the english language, but when I was filling out a form for my first american appartment it became painfully obvious that my english vocabulary wasn't all that good.  The form asked if I had a spouse and you can imagine the lady in the rental office trying to contain her laughter when I asked if a spouse was a type of pet:)

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