If broken it is, fix it you should

Using the powers of the debugger to solve the problems of the world - and a bag of chips    by Tess Ferrandez, ASP.NET Escalation Engineer (Microsoft)

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Post Index

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Piers commented on the hang walkthrough post that it would be nice to have a post index since it's a bit of a pain to search through blogs when they get too big.

I totally agree. I don't know how many times I have ended up using the search box to find one of my posts when I needed to send them to people, because I have managed to not tag my posts the way even I expected them to be tagged:)  and even the times when they were tagged ok, there was too much "next" clicking...

So... as a courtesy to myself and anyone who wants easy access to the blog posts, I have created a post index right below the Contact Tess link on the right hand of your screen.

I'll be comming out with some new posts shortly,



  • Much appreciated!

  • Thank you Tess, that is what I needed :)

  • Tess, of the excellent (and mind stretching) If broken it is, fix it you should blog, just updated the...

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