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August, 2007

If broken it is, fix it you should


Hi, I’m Tess! I enjoy writing code, debating dev and architecture patterns, designing user interfaces and user experiences, debugging things down to the metal, and playing with tech gadgets. But most of all I enjoy sharing what I learn and inspiring people. Lucky for me that also happens to be my job

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    ASP.NET Hang scenario: Kernel Debugging for Dummies

    A local radio show has started giving out cookie points to their interviewees for personal development, and the other day my coworker decided to give me one for debugging a perf issue in kernel-mode... YAY!!! Having debugging as a profession, you might...
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    An attempt to improve the blog quality

    Courtesy of my pals on I have added a chance to give post feedback, by adding a survey at the bottom of my case studies. The survey is an anonymous "yes" or "no" click and I'll use it to figure out what type of posts...
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    ASP.NET Memory Investigation

    This is a bit of a continuation of ASP.NET Memory Issue: High memory usage in a 64bit w3wp.exe process so if you haven't checked it out you might want to just glance over it before reading this one to get the context of the problem and some notes on 64...
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    ASP.NET Hang Case Study: Application hangs on startup

    Recently we have been getting quite a few similar hangs in ASP.NET. From the first look they really aren't all that similar but when we get down to the nitty-gritty we see that they all hang or rather have a very high latency, in the exact same location...
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    More reading material

    I want to try to keep this blog free of link-listings and just publish my own case studies etc. but when I come across something like these articles by Rahul Soni, I can't help but share them The infamous debug=true attribute Post Production Debugging...
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    ASP.NET Memory Issue: High memory usage in a 64bit w3wp.exe process

    By default when you run IIS on a 64-bit machine you will still be running a 32-bit w3wp.exe, so apart from a few differences, like being able to use 4 GB virtual bytes instead of 2 GB virtual bytes the difference in debugging an issue on 32-bit vs. 64...
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    Reading Material

    One of the benefits of moving back to Sweden was for sure the 6 weeks of vacation I get every year... yeah you read it right, 6 weeks:) I came back yesterday from taking 4 of those weeks and although I do really love my job it sure is really hard to get...
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