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January, 2008

If broken it is, fix it you should


Hi, I’m Tess! I enjoy writing code, debating dev and architecture patterns, designing user interfaces and user experiences, debugging things down to the metal, and playing with tech gadgets. But most of all I enjoy sharing what I learn and inspiring people. Lucky for me that also happens to be my job

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    ASP.NET hang/slowness on startup

    After making some changes to their domains one of my customers noticed that their ASP.NET 2.0 applications didn't respond anymore. HTML pages and images were serving just fine as well as their ASP.NET 1.1. sites, but all their 2.0 sites on all servers...
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    Learning .NET debugging

    I often get questions like How do I learn .net debugging? What books should I read? Where can I find more information? I know everyones learning style is different so this might not be the best way for you, but the way I try to learn things is by "teaching...
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    ASP.NET Hang and OutOfMemory exceptions caused by STA components

    I have talked about blocked finalizers before and this issue is a special case of blocked finalizers where we are not really finalizing a .NET object but rather cleaning up all Com Callable Wrappers (CCWs) and getting stuck doing that. Problem description...
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    Using Reflector to search through code and resolve .NET issues

    As you already know, i spend my days analyzing dumps for customers, and more often than not I don't have access to the customers code. I could probably ask for it but it usually takes a long time and even then I often just get partial code, and sometimes...
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    More ASP.NET debugging with SOS

    One of my colleagues has started a blog that is worth reading if you like this blog. His name is Tom and he is also an Escalation Engineer in the ASP.NET team but not only that, he is also one of the developers of sos.dll. Read his blog here: http://blogs...
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