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February, 2008

If broken it is, fix it you should


Hi, I’m Tess! I enjoy writing code, debating dev and architecture patterns, designing user interfaces and user experiences, debugging things down to the metal, and playing with tech gadgets. But most of all I enjoy sharing what I learn and inspiring people. Lucky for me that also happens to be my job

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    .NET Debugging Demos Lab 1: Hang

    This is the first in a series of about 10 labs on .NET debugging. The lab will use a site called BuggyBits, and as the name suggests the bits are extremely buggy. To get started, follow the setup instructions posted here . I have a feeling that...
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    .NET Debugging Demos Lab 3: Memory

    TGIF, almost time for the weekend... but before you leave, here is lab 3. Todays debugging puzzle will be a Memory investigation. This time we are going to stress the BuggyBits site to create a high memory usage situation and figure out what caused...
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    .NET Debugging Demos Lab 3: Memory - Review

    I was reading this post about spam ping-bots from OldNewThing and it makes me a bit mad because they just steal your content to make money, and create a lot of spam in my mailbox making it harder for me to find the real comments/track-backs. What is even...
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    .NET Debugging Demos Lab 1: Hang - Review

    Earlier this week I published the first .NET Debugging Demos Lab. If you haven't downloaded and tried it out you can get it here . This is a review of this lab with answers to the questions and comments inline in red. Note: results and thread IDs will...
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    .NET Debugging Demos Lab 2: Crash - Review

    Hi all, I realize that you probably haven't all had a chance to look at the Crash lab yet, considering I just published it on Friday but here is the review for it. I have to say that considering the amount of downloads for the buggy bits site I am a bit...
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    .NET Debugging Demos Lab 2: Crash

    It was nice to see that so many people downloaded the demo site already and checked out the lab instructions for the first lab, and thanks to Pedro for pointing out that the original demo site required .NET Framework 3.5... I've changed it now so the...
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    .NET Debugging Demos Lab 4: High CPU hang

    So we finished the first round of performance issues, crashes and memory leaks. This time we are going to dive in to a high CPU situation and I know that this is giving it away a little but before you go through the lab you might want to have a look at...
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    .NET Debugging Demos Lab 4: High CPU Hang - Review

    Hope you have had a chance to go through the high CPU lab... Some people already commented with the solution in the lab instructions for this lab but here are my answers and commentary on the lab. Reproducing the issue: 1. Recycle IIS (IISReset) 2. Browse...
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    .NET Debugging Demos Lab 5: Debugging Challenge! (time to test your knowledge)

    We're about halfway through with the labs so to change it up a little bit I'm going to give you a debugging challenge. I will post the step-by-step instructions and review in about a week, but for now I will only post a problem description. Your...
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    High memory usage with usercontrols in IE (using Debug Diag)

    I was helping a colleague with an interesting case yesterday concerning a memory leak in IE when using winforms usercontrols. We got a nice little repro with a very basic user control that displayed a picture and each time the page was refreshed it appeared...
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    Hang caused by GC - XML Deadlock

    In December I blogged about a little tool that i wrote to analyze hangs in dumps , and i showed the following output, but didnt really get into the details of why the process was stuck in here... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________...
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    Generational GC (Garbage Collector) - A post-it analogy

    I was working through the High CPU Lab Review which is basically caused by high CPU in GC. To understand what happens you need to know what a generational GC is and why it's useful. Last year sometime I used a restaurant as an analogy for how memory...
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    Silverlight 2 Beta 1 and Expression Blend

    ScottGu has outdone himself again with a demo series First Look at Silverlight 2 and First Look at using Expression Blend with Silverlight 2 . I'm pretty excited about Silverlight 2, and our group will support at least parts of it, so I feel that now...
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    Reader Email: Private Bytes remain higher than expected

    I got this question today (through the blog) and normally I don't really answer questions sent to me directly through the blog for a couple of reasons already mentioned in the Contacting Tess... post, mostly because I don't have the time to answer all...
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    When a mommy and a daddy love each other...

    It's been a long time since I posted anything in the bag of chips category but man, this book really made me laugh:) Why read stories to your kids about Cinderella and Spiderman when you can read about stay-at-home servers A quote from the book "When...
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    I'm presenting at ExpertZone Developer Summit 2008 (in Sweden)

    It's that time of year again... on the 9th of April I will be presenting at ExpertZone Developer Summit 2008 in Sweden. My topic is of course troubelshooting ASP.NET applications using windbg, surprise surprise:) See ya there, Tess
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