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New debugger extension for .NET (PSSCOR2)

New debugger extension for .NET (PSSCOR2)

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Tom just blogged about a new debugger extension called PSSCor2, which is a superset to the SOS.dll extension that ships with the .net framework.

PSSCor2.dll has been around for quite some time at Microsoft, and pretty much everyone debugging .net code with windbg within Microsoft is using this since it contains all the goodness of sos.dll plus a lot of special methods for asp.net and other technologies running on top of the .net framework.  The news now is that after a lot of hard work by Tom and Jon Langdon in the CLR team, it is finally released publicly, YAY!!!

You can download it here and Tom promised to write some posts about the new commands so you might want to follow that… I will likely do the same later on as well…

Just to name two of the commands in there that I use a lot:

!dae  (Dumps out all the exceptions on the .net heaps with callstacks)

!aspxpages  (Dumps out all the asp.net pages that are currently executing or have been executing recently, along with the thread they are running on, what the timeout is and how long they have been running… excellent stuff)

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  • Ahhhh for ASPX too! Are you an angel? I must be in debugging heaven!!! lol

  • any chance we'll see psscor2 for .net 4.0 anytime soon?

  • Psscor4 Managed-Code Debugging Extension for WinDbg


  • Does this work for analyzing dumps from Compact Framework applications?

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