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Debug Diag 1.2 (Beta)

Debug Diag 1.2 (Beta)

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Are you looking for some good stuff to put in your family’s Christmas stockings this year? Maybe a new phone, a controller for your gaming console, why not a brand new debugging tool:)

Jokes aside, I get peppered with questions about Debug Diag and if there is a new version coming that will support Windows 7 / Windows 2008 and luckily some of my EE colleagues have been and are still working hard at making this happen.

While it is not available for public download yet at the MS download site, Beta 1 of Debug Diag has been released and is ready for use.  The main new stuff in Beta 1 is that it now supports the aforementioned Windows 7 and 2008, and if you need it right now, you can send an email to dbgdiag (at) microsoft.com, or if you have a case open, you can ask the support engineer you are working with to send it to you.

It has a 32-bit and a 64-bit version (for 1.2, install the 64bit version on 64bit OSes and 32bit version on 32bit OSes, independently of the bitness of the target process).

I will write more when Beta2 is out but Beta2 looks very promising with some new features that will help our apps easier to debug.


  • Hey Tess,

    I am currently running DebugDiag 1.1 on Windows 7 against Windows Server 2003 target processes with no apparent problems. Is this new version specifically for debugging Win7/2008 target processes or does it bring some new capabilities to the host OS?

    Great blog by the way - there seem to be very few sources of information out there for this kind of stuff!

  • Aidan,

    Debug Diag 1.1 can't do leak tracking for example on a Win7 machine, and if you install it on a Win7 machine it will install the analysis-only version, i.e. not the one that you can gather dumps with or set up rules on.  Since you are talking about debugging on a win7 machine against a win 2003 target process I am assuming that you are then talking about doing analysis on Win7.  What is new in the 1.2 version is that you can also gather dumps and do leaktracking against processes running on Vista/Win7/Win2008


  • That's good to know - thanks. You are correct - I am analyzing crash dumps from a Win2003 machine. I didn't know it could track live processes - so much to learn! Is it possible to load symbols for our own applications so that I can get a little more information about each thread? Or can you point me to a good tutorial? Thanks again.

  • glad you learned something new:), under tools/options you can set up the symbol path for both analysis and debugging.

  • Awesome news :)

  • I'm having issues with 32 bit v1.2.0.18 trying to run memory pressure analysis. Firstly it failed with an undeclared variable (g_64BitTargetAnd32BitAnalysisHost), then after I declared that it fails with (Object required: 'g_UtilExt'). I wonder if the memory pressure script was actually tested. I ran the crash hang script and that completed without error. Maybe beta 2 will have a working memory analysis. Great to see v1.2 come out, hope it works better soon.

  • Brendan, There is a new updated script for this that works better. I will see if I can get permissions to post it on the blog.  The 1.2 version is still a work in progress but hopefully beta 2 will be out soon and be for public download.

  • Hi Tess, that sounds promising. Hope you get the permission to post the updated script. Thanks.

  • Tess, one of the DebugDiag team has sent me the updated script, and it is all good now.

  • the updated script wich date has? I got one when I received the email ...is there a new one?


  • Download available @ http://viisual.net/Tools/

  • I downloaded the 1.2 Beta.

    Any time frame when the updated MemoryAnalsysis.asp script might be posted?  :-)

    I'm ok dealing with beta ware.

  • You can email dbgdiag (at) microsoft.com to get it

  • Tried emailing - no response after two days. Is there anywhere trustworthy that I can download it from?

  • Looks like a new version of debugDiag (1.2 beta 2) is out - http://www.viisual.net/Tools/

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