If broken it is, fix it you should

Using the powers of the debugger to solve the problems of the world - and a bag of chips    by Tess Ferrandez, ASP.NET Escalation Engineer (Microsoft)

  • If broken it is, fix it you should

    Who is this OutOfMemory guy and why does he make my process crash when I have plenty of memory left?

    To answer this question, there are a few concepts we need to discuss. Working on a 32-bit system, you can address 4 GB of memory, out of this 2 GB is typically reserved to the Operating System and 2 GB are allowed for each user mode process, such as w3wp.exe (asp.net) for example. This memory is called virtual memory and the 2 GB’s are 2GB independently of how much RAM you have added to the system. The amount of RAM simply decides how much paging and swapping you will do, i.e. how fast memory access...
  • If broken it is, fix it you should

    Why I love the debugger...

    10 years ago, still in college, I started working for a company developing real-time systems for trains in Motorola HC11 assembly. Although very interesting and challenging it was a relief to later move on to some more high-level languages, but in the end, no matter how high-level the programming language you work in, everything comes down to machine instructions and ones and zeros. There is just a bunch of stuff between you and the nitty-gritty that normally you might think you don't need to care...
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