We’re in the middle of a tester center working meeting right now. We have loads of content and changes we’re working through, and although you may not have noticed, subtle (and not so subtle) changes continue to propagate the site.

One thing we have decided to do is remove the send feedback link from tester center. Rather than have an email link (that spammers just love!), we’ll take feedback directly from this blog. For now, you can reply with suggestions to any open blog post, but if traffic picks up, we’ll set up a suggestion box.

What kind of feedback and suggestions are we looking for?

The short answer is “pretty much anything” (although we don’t have to implement your suggestion).

The longer answer is that we’re looking for things like the following:

  • Technical articles – if you have written an article that you’d like hosted on our site, let us know. We’ll follow up to see if it fits and work with you on editing, etc.
  • Links we should add – we have a lot of community content, so if you know of something relevant we should add, let us know
  • Blogs – have a good testing blog that aligns well with tester center, let us know
  • Site feedback – including layout, fit and finish, etc. If you’re reading this, you’re a tester; and if you’re a tester, you probably have found flaws in our site. Post them here, and we’ll make sure they’re addressed.
  • Time – if you want to help out on a more regular basis, let us know – we’d love to talk with you. (Note for MS employees: reading this blog – find the tester center working group in the address book and email us directly)

That’s it for now – we’re looking forward to hearing from you.