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Software is meant to be broken.

April, 2007

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Testing Testing 1,2,3 by Chan Chaiyochlarb

This blog is something about software development and quality assurance, anything about competition, and everything about me.

  • Testing Testing 1,2,3

    Demystifying test estimate

    Let's think about this for a second: How come a developer can easily calculate implementation time, but why a tester always scratch his (or her) head when asked to provide time needed to stabilize the software? Why is test estimate so difficult and elusive...
  • Testing Testing 1,2,3

    Google TiSP and Live.com moving search box

    I knew this one is soon coming sooner or later -- FREE in home broadband services. I have to admit this is very clever and Google beat us to it first with their ingenious do-it-yourself kit which uses nothing but your toilet and the sewage line as the...
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