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September, 2007

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Testing Testing 1,2,3 by Chan Chaiyochlarb

This blog is something about software development and quality assurance, anything about competition, and everything about me.

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    Thank you Dr. Randy Pausch

    I have always enjoyed watching motivational speakers giving out some speeches or tips on how to err... be motivated in life, or help others stay motivated, or maybe motivate others. But most of the time the content of those speeches would stay with me...
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    Software Testing Forum from MSDN

    I have been wondering for as long as I can remember why MSFT doesn't have a centralized forum for software testing. But today, it seemed that testing god has answered that question as I happened to stumble upon this MSDN Software Testing Discussing Forum...
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    Dear Digg, your Sony ad is killing my browser

    I considered this evening to be pretty special for me -- it's one of those rare days where I could have dinner peacefully all by myself. Not that I enjoyed eating dinner alone, but sometimes what a geek man wants is simply quiet time with a computer....
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    Holy cow, I was Donny Brook's lab mouse

    ...but it was for the greater and better cause anyway, especially for all FPS fans out there. About a year ago today (back in August/September 2006), my office mate Derek and I signed up for a little gaming tournament to help beta test some sort of FPS...
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