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February, 2009

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Testing Testing 1,2,3 by Chan Chaiyochlarb

This blog is something about software development and quality assurance, anything about competition, and everything about me.

  • Testing Testing 1,2,3

    And the Oscar goes to… Live Search!

    That is a pretty bold blog title and absolutely had nothing to do with the Oscar itself. But I had very little time last night to watch Oscar, and was somewhat curious about the winners and losers. So I hit up Google and use this search term “Oscar”....
  • Testing Testing 1,2,3

    Email Address test cases

    I've been on many teams in my whole testing career, and for some reason, I always end up getting assigned to validate the email address field. So after numerous times of hunting down my old email test cases from previous team, I am giving up. I thought...
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