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  • Blog Post: Search, with great cause

    Everybody has got to search right? According to Nielsen/NetRatings report ( pdf file) , almost 7 billion searches were conducted on the top 10 Search Engine in the month of January alone (6,864,068,000 queries if I did my math correct). That's a lot of searches conducted in just over 31 days. Now, let...
  • Blog Post: New Daylight Saving Time. Are you, your system, and your app ready?

    A quick announcement for everyone -- regardless whether you are an end-user or programmers. You are probably going to be affected either way with the new Daylight Saving Time which is fast coming up on March 11 2007. Microsoft has a neat little questionnaires which you can just simply click-click...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio + Emacs

    Before joining MS, my editor of choice has always been Emacs, but now the default IDE for most of my work here has always been Visual Studio. I have installed NTEmacs and tried to use it to do some dev work, but coding without intellisense (aka tab complete) has been a real challenge. Why wasn't this...
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