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April, 2003

  • XML Eye for the Object Guy

    Welcome Chris!

    Chris and I worked together for years at DevelopMentor , and now he has joined my team at Microsoft. I'm very much looking forward to working with him again!
  • XML Eye for the Object Guy

    Handling mandatory SOAP headers in ASP.NET

    My latest House of Web Services column is now online here . It explains how to fix an issue mandatory header handling in ASP.NET. Sample code is also available.
  • XML Eye for the Object Guy

    Forgive me...

    Forgive me, bloggers, for I have sinned; it has been eight days since my last posting... Actually, I've been stuck in Word writing specs. But soon, soon I'll be writing code again! :-)
  • XML Eye for the Object Guy

    Epiphanizing with Don

    After spending all day at an offsite for my new project, I went out to dinner with a member of my team, and eventually ended up back at Don's house. He was on fire, so we headed back into the office, where there are plenty of whiteboards. As is often...
  • XML Eye for the Object Guy

    A shortcut I learned today

    I mentioned a few posts ago that I'd been spending all my time writing specs lately. One side benefit is that Tommy Williams told me that Word maps the 'F4' key to the last operation you completed. If you are deleting rows from a table (Alt-A,...
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    RSS at MSDN!

    MSDN finally has official RSS feeds! Here are the URIs: Recently published on all of MSDN Visual Basic .NET Visual C# .NET Visual C++ .NET Visual Studio .NET .NET Framework XML Web Services We've already started...
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