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    When is 4 gig not 4 gig?

    Interesting problem came up last week. Let's say you compile the following code with VC++ targeting 32-bit: void * __ptr64 a; void * b = ( void *)0xFFFFFFFF; a = b; Care to guess what the final value of a is? Conventional wisdom might dictate that...
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    Everyone's a rifleman

    My military career was exceedingly short and undistinguished. I spent a month in US Marine Corps boot camp before they sent me home because of a preexisting medical condition. As an organization, the Marine Corps has a well deserved reputation for being...
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    My brain's soundtrack

    My wife blogged today about those annoying little jingles or songs that get stuck in your head, and it got me to thinking.... it's not getting individual tunes stuck in my head that bugs me so much as the fact that I have this constant soundtrack playing...
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    VC++ 2005 optimizations in the real world

    I thought I'd share this direct feedback from a customer that attended a recent VC++ 2005 dev lab: I'm delighted to let you know that my C++ application has been sucessfully compiled, linked (for 64 bit Itanium) with Visual C++ 8 (Visual Studio 2005...
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    Silicon Valley Dev Lab (and it's nice to be home)

    I finally completed what turned out to be a busy few weeks meeting and working with VC++ customers. First there was the trip to LA for PDC05, with lots of customer meetings. Then back to Seattle for a week. Then off to Washington, DC for a few days for...
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    I love the smell of hyperbole in the morning

    Keyboards are wagging in the press over the recent joint announcement between Google and Sun that they'll be working together. The exact terms of the deal were undisclosed, but the meat of the announcement seems to be that the Google toolbar will be bundled...
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    Welcome, Chad

    Chad Hower , a fellow former Delphi community guy, has recently joined Microsoft as a .NET Developer Advisor for the Middle East/Asian region. Welcome, Chad! Don't forget to evangelize C++/CLI too! :)
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