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    A goodbye to Borland

    Ken Henderson recently posted this missive , saying goodbye to Borland and providing a few very interesting tidbits about the company's history. I personally wouldn't proclaim Borland dead at this point. Yes, it's a bummer for them that Danny Thorpe moved...
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    Of Mice and Mice

    Since I've come out of the closet about my keyboard love , I might as well also come clean about my mice. I'm pretty particular about my mice. I've been an MS mouse user ever since they went to the ergonomic shape, and I've been on the early adopter curve...
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    Is it wrong to love my new keyboard?

    I've been a die hard MS Natural Keyboard user since the model was first released. Before the Natural Keybard, spending as much time as I did in front of standard keyboards made my wrists hurt. The split keyboard was totally the thing for me. Released...
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    My wife's blog gets c|net'd

    "Hey, honey, you should keep a blog," I say. "Your writing is entertaining," I say. "It'll be fun," I say. Little did I know, within a few months she would be blowing doors on my blog. Helen's blog gets a little C|Net love today.
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    Fear as a driver for language choice

    If you've hung around online communities for any length of time where developers gather, there's no doubt you've seen someone post a message to the effect of: "Dude, don't use programming tool X! Don't you know... [a] everyone who's anyone is using...
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    A Practical Question of Programming Language Choice

    While my last post dealt with the somewhat abstract ideas around language choice, reader Nathan needs some concrete answers for some practical, real-world issues... I am a VB turned C# developer who is responsible for combining a text retrieval...
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    Programming Languages and the Free Throw

    Choosing a programming language tends to involve an interesting intersection of what you need (i.e., requirements), what you know (i.e., past experience), and what you believe (i.e., bias and flexibility). It's kind of funny to note that these are pretty...
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