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    On my way home

    I'm finally on my way home, finishing up a 9-day road trip to Cairo. The trip went really well, and I'm happy with our talks at the Middle East Developer's Conference, visits to Cairo universities, and the 2-day ISV developer lab. I have a backlog of...
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    MDC Sessions & A Naked Guy

    The VC++ MDC sessions went really well yesterday, with the VC++ sessions being the biggest draws in their respective time slots. Ayman and Mohomed did their presentations in Arabic, which I think the attendees appreciated. Actually, even I could understand...
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    En Route to MDC

    I'm sitting in the departure lounge at London Heathrow's Terminal 4, waiting for my connecting flight to Cairo. The Superbowl was in the fourth quarter as we departed from SeaTac, and the mood was pretty somber. I'm not a Seahawks fan (being from the...
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    Catching up

    I think I'm all caught up now on responding to comments on the blog. Time has been in limited supply, as I've spent the past several weeks pretty deeply engaged in Orcas (the next version of Visual Studio) planning, followed by a VC++ management team...
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