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    Chat with the VC++ team

    Only one day left for the VC++ team chat on the CodeGuru forums . Feel free to drop by to ask (in something vaguely resembling real time) about our plans for the product, what we do all day, the weather in Redmond (nice and sunny today, btw), whatever...
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    Blood on the Highway

    Many folks who took a driver's training class as a teenager in the US remember a film called "Blood on the Highway" (or some variation thereof). This classic took the "scared straight" approach to encouraging safe motoring, showing graphic images of car...
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    Thoughts on VC++ bug fixing

    Reader Norm vents some frustration about the VC++ bug fixing policy expressed on the VC++ team blog : >>Microsoft has made it pretty clear not only to me but even to MVPs that VC++ is not a product where bugs are going to be fixed in the next...
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    My new favorite shirt

    A colleague of mine on the VC++ team (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) found this old cache of t-shirts, and I managed to grab one. Too cool. I'm even wearing it today.
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