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    VC++ at TechEd Europe

    Ayman and I are heading off to Barcelona next week for TechEd . I'm delivering session DEV320 on Thursday, November 9th, at 1:30 PM, where I'll be talking about the upcoming VC++ Orcas release and the VC++ product roadmap. Ayman is delivering session...
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    A little C++ love on Channel9

    Check out this video with Soma , VP of DevDiv, posted today on Channel9. He touches on a number of interesting topics, including C++ and native code. Soma even came close to letting the cat out of the bag about some cool enhancements we have planned for...
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    The superstition of broken computers

    If you're reading this, odds are that you're the family IT guy/gal as well. Like me, I'll bet you field calls from all over the country about web browsers and email and spyware and viruses and the like. And, God help you if you work for Microsoft because...
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    Do what I want, not what I ask

    As I was surfing my comments, I found an interesting comment from a reader of Craig Stuntz's blog regarding my recent series on VC++ strategy: "I always like how companies dismiss what customers are asking for by claiming it isn't what customers...
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    More VC++ strategery

    I appreciate all of the participation on this topic. Your comments are very helpful to the VC++ team in our long term thinking. I'd like to continue the discussion on a few of your comments... "Fully implement the 1998 standard. It's now 2006. When...
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    Being passionate about developer tools

    Nick pointed out yet another "VS vs. BDS" thread on Joel on Software. For some reason, I find these "what programming tool should I use?" threads interesting reading. It's almost like asking, " Hey, I'm looking for a new religion and I'm considering Christianity...
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    VC++ product strategy: the next level of detail

    Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on my last post on VC++ product strategy . While I totally appreciate and value the feedback, I have to admit that a few responses did leave me with more questions than answers. I'd like to therefore first call...
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