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    Progress bar, the lie we all accept

    Remember the good old days, when a progress bar in the user interface actually provided an indication of, well, progress ? Alas, today the progress bar devolved into little more than a dancing monkey, doing the electric slide back and forth in its tiny...
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    No, it's not a code name for some cool, new developer tool. It's what I found hanging out outside my window this morning. Kinda cool.
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    Best blog comment ever

    Just had to share this. We received this message via the feedback form on the VC++ team blog: My text book says to make a simple program. None of the new files have the option(simple program). What would be the correct file? A File|New|Simple Program...
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    Linking native C++ into C# applications

    Last week I saw a question on our MSDN forums asking how to link C++ and C# code into a single binary. It's a scenario that we indeed support (albeit only from the command-line), but as I looked for a reference to which to point this person, I found precious...
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    More on UI Frameworks

    A lot of great energy in the comments on my last post on UI Frameworks and Efficiency . It turns out that most of the energy was devoted to vociferous disagreement with my opinion, which I actually think is cool because it creates the opportunity for...
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    Talking C++ in Paris

    I'm blogging live now from Eric Vernie 's presentation on using WPF from within VC++ applications. Despite the fact that I only understand 10% of his French language discussion, the presentation is very engaging, and he's written some really cool code...
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    Talking C++ at ACCU in Oxford

    I'm blogging live from the Microsoft booth at the ACCU conference in Oxford, UK. This conference represents one of the best opportunities of the year to rub elbows with influencers and luminaries within the C++ community. For me, ACCU is also a great...
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