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  • Blog Post: Blind Comparison VS2008 vs. VS2010

    The text clarity improvements in WPF4 bring WPFs text rendering to near GDI compatibility. Below is another set of comparison shots between VS2008 (GDI) and VS2010 (WPF4). These were taken with the newly released VS2010 . I have intentionally not marked which screenshot is from which version of VS. Test...
  • Blog Post: Layout Rounding

    WPF’s layout engine frequently gives elements s ub-pixel positions. Antialiasing algorithms cause these sub-pixel positioned elements to be rendered over multiple physical pixels after filtering. This can result in blurry lines and other non desirable rendering artifacts. Layout rounding has been introduced...
  • Blog Post: New WPF 4.0 Features

    WPF 4.0 Beta1 was released last month. While many exciting features were included in Beat1, there was no work targeting text, flow, or layout. This will all be reversed with WPF Beat2. Below is a brief overview for each of the features included in Beta2 which target text, flow, or layout. I will make...
  • Blog Post: After animating text, the text seems to pause for 1 second and then render more sharply than before. Why is that?

    If you've ever wondered why this happens Seema, a program manager on the WPF team, wrote a great post about what we're doing: http://blogs.msdn.com/seema/ . -Chris Han
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