While browsing the U-Village this weeked with my wife and babe, I begged by wife to let me have a few minutes in the Mac store. (Heck, a man's got to stay on top of the competition, correct?) My real purpose was to get an overview of the iPod so that I could compare it to the new Creative Zen Micro that the lovely Diane Blumenshine (another Softie) had been raving about to me. I asked the sales rep (a young lad who looked like I might have run into at the nearby University of Washington) about Podcasting and it's true meaning. In a plastic shell (as opposed to a nutshell), he said that that a Podcast was merely an audio file of a discussion or newsprogram, rather than music audio. What about the projecting of music over FM? Is that Podcasting? Nope. Apparently that's something else that you can do but it's not a Mac affiliated feature. Interesting... just the other day I heard a local DJ talking about "Podcasting one's music collection over FM". FMcasting?