start screenlock screen

It's a beautiful thing - that Windows Phone 8 Start Screen is alive, personal, and all about you thanks to Live Tiles!  And the lock screen - more glance and go than ever with new ways to surface notifications and content.

It doesn't get that way by magic and unicorn tears alone though - it takes DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS!

Now that the Windows Phone 8 SDK is publically available and we've had a chance to share some of the new features, I wanted to make a quick post about some resources you can use to get up to speed.

First, the //BUILD/2012 content is up and you can see my talk here:

Also, there's a session for Inside Windows Phone I did with Larry Lieberman on Channel 9 here:

We're going to have a few more blog posts detailing the new features in depth over the coming weeks and a post dedicated to doing "Light Up" for tile with Windows Phone 7.1 apps running on Windows Phone 8.  If you've got other things you think we should be blogging about, let us know!

For now, the attached sample is what I demo'd at //BUILD/2012 - it's not the best code you'll ever see, but it covers the majority of the new areas in Tiles, Notifications and Lock Screen and should be a good resource to get you started in your own apps.