The reason that I've created this blog is to share some of the things that we do on the PM team with the community.  Much like other PMs at Microsoft, our responsibilities include:

  • designing features,
  • introducing new concepts and technologies into the product,
  • project management,
  • gathering feedback and requirements from customers,
  • presenting the newest features and technologies to the community,
  • helping to keep members of sales and consulting teams up to date with our latest offerings,
  • and much more
  • Currently, we are winding down the Orcas release and at the same time ramping up our Rosario efforts, so I expect the content in the near future to reflect the design, planning, and development pieces of the software development lifecycle.  As we move forward with Rosario and on to the next release, the content here should reflect how the role of a PM changes to follow the product lifecycle.

    More to come on the design and planning process...