Way back in the early days of Orcas, much of Visual Studio participated in an effort to share specs with the community.  The TFS PM team contributed several specs to that site, and the feedback that we harvested through the Connect site helped us to build the right features.  As we are always trying to get more feedback from the community, we have created another site to share the specs for Rosario. 

Rosario Feature Specifications

Something that we have decided to change this time around is the method of acquiring feedback.  Previously feedback was a very individualized process: a member of the VS community read a feature spec, thought of something to share with the feature team, and submitted a bug that only a few people ever read.  This time around, we want to change that process to increase the visibility of an individual's feedback and to foster a discussion around the new features.

Enter the MSDN Workshop forums.  By posting comments and questions for each of the specs, the entire community (including the feature teams) will be able to see what people are thinking about the new Rosario features. 

In order for this to be a success, we need your feedback.  So if you are reading through one of the Rosario specs and have something to share, please leave a comment.  Thanks for the help!