You might experience a Windows service start failure for “Team Foundation Server scheduler” service with the error

"Could not start the TFSserverscheduler service on the local computer. Error 1069. The service did not start due to a logon failure." [ ]


This might happen if the password for the account that runs the “Team Foundation Server scheduler” service is changed (normally the TFSservice account as mentioned in the install guide) in the Domain/the local computer but is not propagated to Team Foundation Server.


If the password for the TFSservice account is changed, then to get the change propagated within Team Foundation Server, you got to run a command “TFSadmintuil changepassword”. For more details on the command please look at the following documents:

For TFS 2005:

For TFS 2008:

In situations like the one mentioned above, if the “Team Foundation Server scheduler” service is stopped and not starting, then use the new password to start the service and then immediately after the service starts run the “TFSadminutil changepassword” command.

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