I was working with a customer on a critical situation case and customer was going through a strange errors:

He actually wanted to move TFS 2010 from one server to another, in the process he renamed the server which was having SQL instance and we ended up getting the following error when the configuration wizard was run with an application tier only install.

TF254006: No usable accounts are present in your configuration database. Use TfsConfig accounts /add to add and account and return to this wizard."

Figured that the account which had 'sa' privilege "NewServerName\Administrator" was not present in the SQL server instead the SQL security was showing "OldServerName\Administrator"

We are logged in as "NewServername\Administrator", we did the following steps and the issue got resolved and we got pass the above error condition.

1. Gave SysAdmin rights to "BUILTIN\Administrators" Group ( so that later we will be able to get in to the server- this was removed once the issue was fixed)

2. Ran the following command in the SQL new Query window and changed the owner of Tfs_Configuration to 'sa'

a. USE Tfs_Configuration; EXEC sp_changedbowner 'sa';

b. Gave the database TFSEXECROLE permission for "NewServername\Administrator"

( actually this is what was needed to fix the issue, the roundabout tour is due the challenges due to the presence of the old user as owner)

c. Now the "OldServerName\Administrator" was removed

d. Retracted the SysAdmin rights given to "BUILTIN\Administrators" Group

Issue was resolved :)

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