I thought I would give you an overview of the workspace mapping improvements which Brian Harry mentioned in his TFS roadmap post. Please do keep in mind that any of this might change / be removed before Orcas ships - so there are no guarantees.

History: In DevDiv our branches are enormous ,  a developer typically maps only portions of the tree they need to work on. Upon analysis we determined an average workspace had 100+ mappings. To reduce the performance and maintenance overhead of a large number of mappings we are introducing the following features.

 1. Mappings under Cloaks

This will allow you to cloak a top level folder and map individual folders beneath it.

e.g. Cloak $/proj/privatedirs

      Map   $/proj/privatedirs/johndoe     d:\dd\privatedirs\johndoe

2. One Level Mappings

This will allow you to map all immediate child items of a folder (any sub folders & items will not be mapped locally)







A one level mapping, will end up getting only the items under $/proj/dir (i.e. file1.txt, file2.txt, dir2 will be created - but no items below it will be downloaded)

Map $/proj/dir/*    d:\dd\dir

These features will allow for more complex workspace definition, and allow users to cloak out larger portions of the tree they do not need (improving get performance)