I am hoping most people have not been affected by these email spreading around. There is a proliferation of SPAM emails going around suggesting that you have received an Ecard from someone… DONT CLICK ON THE LINK.

The downside of a connected social experience is that as users we become a bit lax with regards to protecting ourselves against such devious attacks.

I love the concept of social networking, but just remember a few things…

1. Is the email from someone you know? Even if it is… I would be weary of it… if it says something like this…

Michelle has posted an e-card.

Visit the following web address to see it:

You can see your card at any time within 40 days

I guarantee you its a SPAM email trying to get you to head to a link to get infected.


2. If you dont know the person that is sending it to you, then they probably dont know you… they are phishing for you to get infected and further proliferate the virus.


So what should you do?

1. Have anti-malware software installed, you can get Windows Defender for free from here…


2. Ensure your anti-virus signatures are up to date.


Hopefully we can avoid the nefarious actions these emails are trying to get out there!!!