Also known as Martin Beeby, I am a web developer and work for Microsoft as a developer evangelist

February, 2012

  • thebeebs

    Responsive web design in 3 minutes 42 seconds

    How many screens do you create your sites for? For many designers and developers the answer is one, perhaps two – a traditional desktop/laptop and, maybe, a smartphone. Chances are these will be two separate sites – the www.main-site-that-most-effort...
  • thebeebs

    Is Pinterest’s HTML5 app short-changing users?

    It seems you virtually can’t move online without running into an article on Pinterest . As a platform, it’s certainly captured people’s (or at least the blogosphere’s) imagination. Core to the attraction is just how easy it makes sharing the stuff we...
  • thebeebs

    Are you developing for all browsers or just your favourite?

    The choice of browsers today is wider than ever before. And, for the most part, if you develop for one modern browser, your site will pretty much work on all the others (albeit with a little tweaking here and there). It’s pretty amazing, and this browser...
  • thebeebs

    8 things you should know before building an HTML5 app

    A few days ago, Seth Porges put up an interesting post on Mashable: 8 Things You Should Know Before Building a Mobile App . While, as the name implies, Seth’s post focused on native apps, it got me thinking – how does his 8 questions relate to creating...
  • thebeebs

    Like apps? Like Facebook?

    How did you find the mobile apps you use the most? I’m guessing that some of you came across them on a blog or in a mag somewhere (10 Apps Every Developer Should Own). You might have found others browsing through an app store of whatever flavour. But...
  • thebeebs

    10 myths holding HTML5 back

    While the momentum is certainly with HTML5, for some of us progress can’t happen fast enough. Yet, annoyingly, all too often we find ourselves facing the same old questions and challenges – ones that really have no basis in reality. So in this post, I...
  • thebeebs

    Turning up our noses at browser sniffing

    Did you notice it? Well if you’re an Opera user you might. As of last week, if you go to Bing using Opera, you’ll get to see the HTML5 background video in all its glory. Now, let’s be clear, it’s not as if Opera couldn’t...
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