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Also known as Martin Beeby, I am a web developer and work for Microsoft as a developer evangelist

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  • Blog Post: Five Things You Can’t Do With HTML5 (yet)

    As much as I’m fascinated with where HTML5 is going, most of my day to day work is all about what you can do right now (or at the very least, ways to hack something together that works until a more elegant solution comes along). But today, I want to briefly focus on a few things HTML5 can’t do just yet...
  • Blog Post: IE9 and Flash - The day the web broke

    I was talking to Andrew Spooner a few weeks ago and he reported that one of his Laptops were having an issue with displaying Flash in IE9. I assumed the issue was limited to just his laptop and suggested that he uninstall and re-install flash to fix the issue. However, it turns out that the issue wasn...
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