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Also known as Martin Beeby, I am a web developer and work for Microsoft as a developer evangelist

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  • Blog Post: Conflict and Empathy

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching the slow-motion train-wreck that’s the debate over whether the HTML5 spec should use srcset or picture polyfill to deal with responsive images ( see .Net for a good round up ). I’ve covered Responsive Web Design before. In fact I’m a passionate advocate for...
  • Blog Post: 10 reasons why 2012 is a great time to be a web developer

    With all the stories of doom and gloom in the media every day, it’d be easy to think we should all be breaking out the razor blades. But actually, if you’re a web developer and at least competent at what you do, things are looking pretty rosy. In fact, 2012 may well be the year we look back on in the...
  • Blog Post: No I can’t fix your computer

      Now I'm used to people not understanding what I do for a living… I'm not entirely sure myself sometimes. Yesterday I got a Facebook message from a guy that really took the biscuit:   Now a few things: I work for Microsoft not Apple Even if I did work for Apple… jail breaking is against your...
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