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Also known as Martin Beeby, I am a web developer and work for Microsoft as a developer evangelist

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  • Blog Post: CodeGarden 2011, Packages and Bingo

    I have just recovered from my trip to Denmark for the 3 day CodeGarden festival , which is an event that celebrates the content management System Umbraco : Aside from the talks the main highlights for me were Umbraco bingo and the package contest. If you have never heard of Umbraco you can learn more...
  • Blog Post: Umbraco Basics - Learning from the Master Part 2

    Earlier in the week I wrote about the great talk given by Niels Hartvig (the founder of Umbraco) at TechEd. As always you can watch the full talk here but below are my highlights of the 2nd part.   Using parameters and macros If you have a reusable control you probably will want to pass parameters...
  • Blog Post: Umbraco Basics - Learning from the Master

    I hadn’t got around to looking at it before but Neils Hartvig (@umbraco on twitter) gave a great talk about Umbraco Basics at Tech Ed Europe this year and you can watch it here .  Below I’ve also cut up the video into smaller chunks along with my own notes. Today I’ve added 4 videos. I will add...
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