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Also known as Martin Beeby, I am a web developer and work for Microsoft as a developer evangelist

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  • Blog Post: App rewards and why I don’t want to “Pull a BlackBerry”

    On Monday the UK marketing team Launched an app rewards programme … After a discussion on twitter I thought I'd put my thoughts in writing: Rightly or wrongly the total number of apps is becoming shorthand for the consumer experience that a device is going to provide. "It's a great phone/tablet...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 to Windows 8 Camp

    Today in London we ran our first Windows Phone 7 app to Windows 8 porting event. The idea was for people to come along and take their existing Windows Phone 7 applications and turn them into Windows 8 applications. I thought I’d keep a record of the things that we have helped resolve throughout the day...
  • Blog Post: 5 things you should know about developing Windows 8 Apps with HTML5

    Now that the Windows 8 release preview is out, a lot of developers are beginning to experiment with what they can do with Windows 8. Unsurprisingly the focus for many is on Metro-style apps that can run across everything from desktop to slate. There are a number of ways to develop these apps but HTML5...
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