Also known as Martin Beeby, I am a web developer and work for Microsoft as a developer evangelist

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    Five Things You Can’t Do With HTML5 (yet)

    As much as I’m fascinated with where HTML5 is going, most of my day to day work is all about what you can do right now (or at the very least, ways to hack something together that works until a more elegant solution comes along). But today, I want to briefly...
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    A Knockout.js price calculator

    A pricing calculator is usually a very difficult piece of front end engineering to produce. In this blog I’m going to let you into a little secret, a secret that removes all of the complication out of creating html that needs to change and respond...
  • thebeebs

    4 Ways to test your website in old versions of IE

    This Article is out of date please check out the latest version here. Twice this week I’ve been asked how you can test older versions of Internet Explorer once whilst delivering a guest lecture at Stafford University and then just a few hours...
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    HTML5 Video not working in IE9 - Some tips to debug

    If you can’t get HTML5 video to work in IE9 here is the process that I use to figure out what’s wrong: First I will load up the page and press F12 to bring up the developer tools I then pop over to the console tab in the console I get a reference to the...
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    Building a shopping cart with knockout.js

    Prior to joining Microsoft I worked for a large online retailer, so I know first-hand how difficult it is to produce a good shopping cart. As a user updates quantities, deletes items or changes delivery options it’s important to update the sub total,...
  • thebeebs

    Web Workers and Tooling

    Web Workers are a technology that give you a way of supporting long running or complex JavaScript functions without interrupting the general browsing experience. In short, Web Workers give developers an opportunity to create applications in JavaScript...
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