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  • Blog Post: Silverlight Async with Visual Studio 2012

    A frequent complaint I hear from developers working on Silverlight applications for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that they have to use asynchronous methods when communicating with the CRM web services. Asynchronous methods and callbacks are not particularly complex concepts or even challenging to program...
  • Blog Post: User Impersonation with Silverlight

    Sometimes it’s useful for Dynamics CRM to think you’re someone else. An administrator may wish to retrieve or alter data as if they were another user, or execute certain special commands on someone else’s behalf. Developers using the Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk will find that implementing this...
  • Blog Post: Making Up - Getting your Dynamics CRM Forms and Silverlight Web Resources talking to each other

    I’ve been working on a number of projects recently where I’ve needed to use Silverlight web resources embedded within Dynamics CRM entity forms to extend the user interface. Sometimes you can get away with passive integration – a standalone piece of functionality delivered by a Silverlight...
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