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June, 2010

  • The Help Guy

    Sandcastle with MSHC support has been released!


    I'm pleased to announce that we have posted a release of Sandcastle that now supports the MSHC Help file format used by Visual Studio 2010.

    The MSHC support was commissioned from ComponentOne, whom we thank for updating the code base to support this new Help format. We have additionally rolled in a variety of bug fixes since the last release in 2008. Please note the MSHC Usage Notes and Changes/bug fixes documentation links on the download site.

    MSHC support is currently limited to reproducing the VS 2008 look and feel and functionality within the VS 2010 Help Viewer. To achieve parity with VS 2010 look and feel will require more work and we encourage enterprising folk out there to take this on and contribute to the code base.

    See also the Sandcastle blog here.

  • The Help Guy

    Have you heard about the Preview of MSDN Online Updates?


    If you've worked for any time at all with the .NET Framework and have looked up documentation in the MSDN Library, you've likely noticed a very lengthy section under "Class Library" in the Table of Contents. The .NET Framework now contains so many namespaces and classes that your eyes likely blurred over when you saw the long list of System.* namespaces and tried to find the one you were looking for. Additionally, you may have often wondered what the purpose was of having a separate Overview page for a class, from a list of all its Members, etc.

    We've been batting around some ideas for quite a while about how to improve the experience with this particular content, and are now taking a cut at implementing some of them. We would absolutely love your feedback about what works for you and what does not - and why!

    There's an overview of the changes available at Kim Wolk's blog here. Please note that Search particularly does not work from the links noted in her blog - this Preview is a Beta site and not intended to be fully functional.

    Additionally, Scott Guthrie, Corporate VP and overall .NET Guru, has done a wonderful write-up as well. There's lots of lively discussion there... Check it out!

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