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July, 2010

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    EC Software's Help & Manual now supporting Sandcastle


    This just in from Tim Green @ EC Software, GmbH:

    Just saw your posts and the announcements about the new Sandcastle developments, that's great to hear! We also have some big Sandcastle news: As of version 5.4 Help & Manual now supports Sandcastle. You can import a Sandcastle project to Help & Manual directly. When you do this, HM runs Sandcastle and redirects its output, converting it to a Help & Manual XML project on the fly. You can then edit (also multi-user) and publish in Help & Manual, with support for Help & Manual's output formats, including CHM and PDF. There's also a mechanism for handling updated Sandcastle projects when you import a Sandcastle update to a project created with an earlier version of the Sandcastle project. 

    Just a note of clarification that Help & Manual 5.4 currently supports the Visual Studio 2002-2008 Help 2.x format (.HxS), but Visual Studio 2010 Help Viewer 1.0 format (MSHC) is still pending.

    You can contact Tim @ EC Software using, as well as via their user support forum,

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    Re-post: Helixoft VSDocman adds support for VS 2010 Help


    (It appears during forum migration this post got deleted from my blog - so re-posting...)

    I'm glad to report today (originally posted 5/19/2010) of another Help Authoring Tool (HAT) vendor to add support for the MSHC format used by Visual Studio 2010. Here is a small blurb from Peter Macej of Helixoft:

    VSdocman is a VS add-in for commenting and the automatic generation of class documentation from your C# and VB .NET source code. VSdocman parses the Visual Basic and C# projects (including ASP .NET) and automatically creates MSDN-like documentation, IntelliSense and F1 context sensitive help. You can edit your XML comments with WYSIWYG comment editor which allows inserting complex tables, links, pictures, class diagrams and others. Predefined output formats are HTML Help, MS Help Viewer, Help 2, HTML, RTF, Help&Manual and XML. Contact and other information can be found on product page.

    Click here for more information about additional HAT solutions that support MSHC.



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