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Just Announced - Service Baseline Architecture Toolkit

Just Announced - Service Baseline Architecture Toolkit

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At this mornings keynote for the Microsoft Canadian Architecture Forum Don Smith made our first public announcement of the project code named Service Baseline Architecture Toolkit.

Rather than having me tell you what it is today I thought I would point you to a quote from Edward Bakker's blog:  "So what is it? Service BAT is a toolkit that provides architectural guidance, tools, patterns, wizards, etc. to help you designing and building services using Windows Communication Foundation and ASMX. The Guidance Automation Toolkit is used to integrate all of this very nicely into Visual Studio.NET 2005. One of the great things of Service BAT is the level of customization. Service BAT doesn’t force to do anything you don’t like. You can customize most parts of Service BAT to make it meet your requirements.",guid,1c610c51-8d58-411f-a874-f6342c3db22e.aspx

Anyway, that is just a teaser - and as you can imagine the regular bloggers in our ServiceBAT team including Don Smith, Tom Hollander, Edward Jezierski, Chris Tavares, Brian Button, Wojtek Kozaczynski, Pablo Galiano, Pablo Cibraro, Hernan de Lahitte, Jezz Santos, Christian Weyer, Daniel Cazzulino, Matias Woloski, Beat Schwegler, Norman Headlam and Lonnie Wall will be releasing a lot more information about the project code named ServiceBAT over the next couple of days and weeks. So tune into their blogs as well...

We are currently working hard to get our first public beta release posted to our GotDotNet workspace either late this week or early next week - so please sign-up to this workspace so we can drop you an email when there are some buts to play with. And, as with all P&P projects your input will shape the outcome of this asset - so please join the workspace and come prepared to join in the discussions that will prioritize challenges that we address over the coming months...

Our Product Managers - Don and Tom will likely post the official overview of the ServiceBAT along with some FAQ's etc over the next day or two. So probably best to take a look at their blogs or the GotDotNet workspace over the next couple of days...


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