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    SecPAL Query Editor Now Available

    A couple of people have remarked to us that they like the flexibility that SecPAL provides, but feel that it is difficult for people to get to grips with the API's when they first start evaluating SecPAL. For this reason Lonnie Wall (a consultant from...
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    Writing SecPAL Assertions In F# - Contd

    In my earlier post I showed how SecPAL could be used to grant access to a particular user based on a token issued by an STS that we explicitly established a trust relationship with using the SecPAL "canSay" predicate. Now I am going to show you something...
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    Writing SecPAL assertions in F#

    I figured I would try to learn F# over this summer - and thought what better way to start than create a couple of SecPAL samples in F#. I thought this might help people that are interested in learning more about F# , or potentially F# users that are interested...
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    SecPAL v1.1 Now Available

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that we have just released a minor update to our SecPAL library. In addition to a couple of minor bug fixes there are two features which I think you are really going to like. The first is an update to our grammar...
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