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    Released: Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition

    I just saw an announcement from Don that the P&P folks have just released the third version of the Web Service Software Factory - entitled The Web Service Software Factory Modeling Edition. I know these guys have been working hard on this for along...
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    SAML STS for WSE 3.0 (reposted)

    Every week or so I get another email asking where the sample code for the SAML STS for WSE 3.0 has been moved to now that GotDotNet GotNuked. It wasn't moved anywhere. So I figured I would repost it here for those that needs i. For those new to this you...
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    The Great Debate: Patterns vs Tooling

    With well over 250 attendees this years P&P Summit is the best attended I have seen so far. I was fortunate to participate in two presentations - the first talk was on SecPAL which I believe was well received, and the second was a discussion with...
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