So the crux of bloggin' is to be able to blog frequently about what's on your mind when it's still there for you to blog about.

That means that I need to increase my frequency a bit since it has taken me 3 months to get around to creating this, the first post in my blog. Having spent some time reading other people's blog's I've found that the frequency with which they are updated is almost as important as the content of the posts. Maybe it's just me taking voyeuristic pleasure in reading tidbits about other peoples life - work as well as private, but I think it has to do with how the blog becomes a storyline in itself - The best blogs evolve over time, they capture like a sort of real-time book - and I think that's the real difference in a blog as opposed to the "ordinary" website with news-updates.

So, now that the blog is officially opened - what storyline is this blog going to tell ?

It's going to be mostly about my work at Microsoft and certainly about the exiting work we are doing on MBF. I'm happy to see that a few of my colleagues have already started bloggin' about MBF so I can take the easy way out and point you to Tim Brookins, Dan's and Kevin's blogs (see the Link section), but I will try to add to that by focusing on the work we are doing in my team to provide framework and runtime support for UI and application patterns in MBF.

To get you started, a quick introduction to MBF is available in this deck from PDC03. You should note however that since then we have decided to release MBF as part of the Orcas Visual Studio release instead of the 2-phase release that this presentation mentions, with a release in Whidbey and another in Orcas. Tim Brookins talks about this decision and includes some links to comments in this entry.

I realize that maybe the first entry should have been an introduction of myself - but hey - isn't this what bloggin is about - I just wasn't on my mind when I wrote this, so the short intro for now will be that my name is Jesper Theil Hansen and I am managing the "MBF Client & Patterns" team (Pending a team name change) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Welcome here.