The UI-Guru Jakob Nielsen, who has preached simplicity and content over design for decades and been a shining light for sideburn-lovers around the world for just as long, gets a taste of his own medicine when five designers (think "Fab Five") takes his famous alert-box to the cleaners reports Boing Boing : Design critique of Jakob Nielsen. It's a fun story and an interesting twist on the never ending debate over what really defines useability.

You can read the article and see the resulting design changes at the DesignByFire site. Note that as a cruel plot by fate, your browser runs across two errors in the HTML when loading the article via the direct link, so maybe the Grand-Old Man of web design gets the last laugh.

I have to say though that I agree that he probably should move on to more challenging and up-to-date design advice than preaching the old "Use underline only for links" !