Some programs get me as excited as a 4-year old who just discovered how fun running with your boots stuffed with mud is!

MaxiVista - Dual Monitor Software is one of those - everybody within shouting distance of my office (and a few I ran out and caught up with in the hallway) got dragged in to see me use the screen of my build-machine as an extra monitor for my laptop - NO WIRES - dig that !

Another tool I picked up after a reference in a blog I've now forgotten - but thanks - is Lookout for Outlook. It indexes your entire mailbox, including personal folders and then allows you to do Google-like searching across it all.

Finally I asked in an earlier post if anybody could point me to some good tools for posting to my blog and thanks to everybody for the responses. I am now using Sauce Reader as my main rss aggregator - it does pretty much what Sharp Reader and RSS Bandit does - but is does a great job of posting to my blog directly from an entry I'm reading. It is still a bit bug-ridden, but I think the advantages outway the occasional breakdowns.

One thing that Sauce Reader didn't give me was the "Blog This" button in Internet Explorer, but thanks to another feedback I am now writing this entry using BlogJet. As you can hopefully see BlogJet also supports uploading images via ftp for inclusion in posts. It has a nice simple interface and an editor with most of the features I feel I need.

That's the cool stuff I've come across recently, most of it I wouldn't have known existed if I hadn't read blog-posts.