Let me take a minute to introduce myself.  My name is Somasegar and I run the Developer Division at Microsoft.

Awesome - my manager's manager's manager's boss is Blogging too - I must be doing something right. [Via Somasegar's WebLog]

This is posted from w.bloggar btw. since I got pinged by Dare of RSS Bandit fame who made me feel guilty for highlighting other RSS Readers. I love the Bandit, but I think I need to get used to w.bloggar - I am back to remembering to write HTML-tags in the middle of sentences.

Update: Well the inevitable happened - I submitted some HTML that messed up the entire page! Turned out to be BlockQuote tags that somehow didn't digest well on my page - but I think I am better off with an editor that is simpler but lets me focus on content. I'm going to try a couple more times though, so watch out.