We've just posted a new episode of “The .NET Show”. This episode focuses on “Indigo” which is a major aspect of the “Communication” pillar of Longhorn.

You can view it here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/theshow/episode040/default.asp

John Shewchuk has been one of the major players in the design and creation of Indigo, and so I invited him to come on the show and share with us some of his background and insights regarding how applications might be able to build upon a common communication framework. And to show us how Indigo fits into the programming model, I invited Steve Swartz to walk us through some code which illustrates how easy it can be to work these features into your applications.

In the past, building this level of inter-application communication has almost been rocket science. It was difficult, complex, and time consuming to assemble all of the necessary components, and often very design intensive to get it properly worked into your overall application design. Hopefully this episode will show you how we've been able to streamline this process.

And for our “Somebody” segment, Erica interviews Kevin Gjerstad from the Avalon team.

Next Friday we will be filming the next episode of The .NET Show. This one will be on WinFS.

-Robert Hess