We just posted a new episode of The .NET Show, this one covers WinFS, which is the new File System that is being developed for Longhorn. A lot of us are pretty excited about some of the capabilities that will be available once WinFS is out. If you thought the addition of “Long File Names” in Windows 95 was exciting, then you ain't seen 'nuttin yet :->

The .NET Show: Longhorn and WinFS

We will be filming our next episode of the .NET Show next Wednesday (April 7th). In it we will be discussing “Avalon” which is the new graphics model for Longhorn. It's sort of like taking GDI, User, DirectX, along with some other display technologies, and wrapping them up in a far more efficient programming model. I've long said that it's a shame that with all of the great features and capabilities of the modern graphical operating systems that we continue to program them in ways that would be just as well suited for programs running on an old tele-type terminal... well, with Avalon and XAML, that all changes. At the very core of this improved graphical interface is the support for a programming model that actually acknowledges the fact that it's a GUI. Imagine that.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns that you'd like us to touch upon in this episode, please feel free to post them here, and we'll try to cover them.