Last Friday we filmed our next episode of The .NET Show, this one was on the slightly more elusive topic of “Longhorn Fundamentals”. In the first half of the show we talk with Glenn Pittaway and Sanjay Shenoy about how various things like security, click-once, deployment, and management are features of Longhorn that bear important consideration for application developers. And while the Longhorn environment will provide a lot of specific features to these, there are many ways you can, and should, be thinking about this in the programs you are developing today.

In the second half of the show we talked with Jeffrey Snover and Jim Truher about “Monad”, this is just a small component of the overall “Fundamentals” pillar for Longhorn, but it's far enough along to actually be something you can play around with today, and frankly I think it is amazingly cool as well.

We also had a little bit of “excitement” in the studios during the filming of this episode... but you'll have to look at the slideshow I posted on Shutterfly to see what this was :->

Here is a link to the backstage pictures from this episode that I've uploaded to my account on Shutterfly:


A slightly different look for the set of this episode