With our 50th episode, we’ve also redesigned The .NET Show site. Some of the changes include:

  • Cleaner, updated home page, with a look similar to the MSDN Dev Centers
  • .NET Show blog postings available from the Show home page
  • Episode pages have a cleaner, updated look (MSDN TV and .NET Show use the same template now for consistency) and include such additions as Related Links, a quick-viewing Details box, and shorter blurbs
  • Cleaner looking Archive that can be sorted/filtered by title, date, or topic
  • Older archived shows have been moved into the MSDN Archive
  • New .NET Show imagery throughout the site (based on the new animation sequences that debuted with our 50th Show)
  • .NET Show site now has its own left nav

We hope you like the changes and improvements to the site. Please let us know what you think!